What to expect...

You will learn keywords, terminology and have a foundation of what investing is, what to expect when purchasing your first home and, how to plan for children.

  • Understand what may be holding you back from investing, key terminology, and how to get started

  • Learn about homeownership costs, the importance of your home buying team, and which mortgage is the best for you

  • Identify your financial readiness to start a family, pre and post conception costs, adoption and other family planning considerations

Course curriculum

  • 1

    FinFit Level 5: Investing 101

    • Investing 101

    • Resource: Continued Education

    • Worksheet: Investing Jargon

    • Exercise: Sorting Goals into Buckets

    • Quiz: Investing 101

  • 2

    FinFit Level 6: First Time Home Buying

    • First Time Home Buying

    • Worksheet: Who do you need on your team?

    • Worksheet: Real Estate Jargon

    • Exercise: Know your upfront costs!

    • Exercise: Test Drive Your Mortgage

    • Quiz: First Time Home Buying

  • 3

    FinFit Level 7: Family Planning

    • Family Planning

    • Resource: Baby Budget Calculator

    • Exercise: Test Drive Your Baby Budget

    • Quiz: Family Planning


Founder and CEO

Shannon McLay

Shannon McLay is the CEO and founder of The Financial Gym, a fitness-inspired, personal financial services company. After a 13-year career working for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, , Shannon’s goal was to open a financial services company that would help clients of all financial shapes and sizes. Shannon currently hosts the award-winning podcast, Martinis and Your Money and is the author of Train Your Way to Financial Fitness. She has been featured on the TODAY show, The New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, Crain’s, , Inc. and Her Big Idea. Shannon was also named a Woman to Watch in SHAPE’s Women Changing the World issue in 2019.

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